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Contributions from our Guests

Publications, media content, and other interesting stuff on ritual and related subjects.

Video showcase: Ronald L. Grimes

Films, audio-visual études, and interviews about ritual, creativity, and improvisation filmed in two American, three Canadian, and three European cities across a three-year period. "Rite to Play" is the capstone video of the project.

Video: Ronald L. Grimes, 2012

The capstone film for “Ritual Creativity, Improvisation, and the Arts," a project sponsored by Yale University's Institute of Sacred Music.

Video: Ronald L. Grimes, 2011

Jason Anthony is a journalist, editor, and game designer. Here an interview with him is intercut with scenes from a games-based ritual designed and performed at Union Theological Seminary.

The Museum Catharijneconvent in Utrecht launched an exhibition about miracles, and Eric Venbrux talks about creative rituality in this context. Dutch with English subtitles.

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